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Best first cars for drivers in 2021

Passing your driving test is one of the most memorable milestones in our lives. A passage into adulthood. Giving you the ultimate choice of freedom and connection to the wider world. Not having to rely on busses or parents for lifts to the shops or work. However this freedom comes at a cost of purchasing your new car and insuring it.

Here are the Affordable Car Prestige Car Supermarket, we have provided you the perfect guide to buying your first car. Everything you need to look out for as well our top buy recommendations. Some of which we currently have in stock with flexible finance packages. Prices starting from little as £95.00 per month! 

What to look out for when purchasing your first car

Insurance class, this is now one of the most important factors when purchasing your first car. With sky-high prices for insuring new drivers, its essential to check this before you purchase. The lack of experience means that people aged 25 or less tend to pay more than the average price of insurance. In some instances more than 3 times the average price. However this wont be forever, if you keep up a good clean record within the first 12 months, you will see a decrease in your second years renewal. After your first year with no incident and no points, you will begin to accrue your no-claims discount which for every year you accumulate, helps to build some form of discount on your policy.

If prices are still too high, you can look into getting a telemetry box fitted which monitors you’re driving and reports directly back to the insurance company on your driving performance.

How much should I spend on my first car?

This entirely depends on what you need and your budget. Cars vary in prices depending on age and condition. If you are wanting something a little more reliable, say for example you have young children in the car with you, then it is worth purchasing something newer to make sure you don’t have any reliability issues. But if you are on your own and not too worried about the reliability aspect, you may want to buy something older but maybe consider looking into its history a lot more in-depth. From our experience and stock list, you can look to get a great first for for prices starting from £6,995. This could be spread over monthly payments from little as £95 per month.

What first cars we would recommend?

The Affordable Car Prestige Car Supermarket hold a vast range of vehicles perfect for new drivers. Our top five pick would be the:

  • Used Fiat 500
  • Used VW Polo
  • Used VW Golf
  • Used Audi A1
  • Used Mercedes Benz A Class

Can I finance my first car?

Yes you can. Depending on your employment circumstances and financial situation, lenders will check affordability and the risk level against your credit history. If you think you may have a poor credit history, please contact a member of our team direct for more details.